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tv   11 News Today  NBC  August 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. >> will there be a dry commute today? >> enough already. pretty impressive yesterday. everyone drives and a baltimore city, and that was a tough one for the morning commute. this morning we will get away with a much quieter morning commute. 67 at the airport. a little breezy out there. winds are gusting over 10 or 12 miles per hour. that will continue as we head into the afternoon. there are rain showers and pennsylvania drifting south. -- in pennsylvania drifting south. high temperature around 84. we will come back and look of the seven-day coming up. first, let's take a look at what is happening on the roads.
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>> nice to have a break this morning from what we experienced yesterday with the flooding. problem-free at the fort mchenry and harbor tunnel. the grand prix goes for russell, lee, and portions of craft. use caution in the city. everything looks good as far as drive times. and eight minutes on 895 south getting down towards the harbor tunnel. only 11 minutes to travel on the outer loop west side. so far, so good as we take a live view of the harrisburg expressway. southbound traffic moving at a good pace all the way down to the beltway. and that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. ] >> police make an arrest in our recent -- reason rash of
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burglaries. >> of the latest on the search for those involved. >> one of the men involved is a 24-year-old arrested on friday. police are still looking for other suspects. this event have been on june 22. according to court records, pierce and the other suspects shot at police as they entered the victim's home. they eventually shot him in the neck. take a mr. pierce was arrested as a result of a long-standing investigation that resulted in witnesses identified him as a suspect. he was charged with attempted first-degree murder. >> according to police this was not random there have been several other instances of
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police impersonators and home invasion, but police believe pierce was only related to this case. >> thank you. new this morning, a judge will sentence of former baltimore city police officer today convicted in the shooting death of a man outside a mount vernon nightclub. he was found guilty of the manslaughter of a shooting death of tyrone brown. he says he was defending of self and a female friend aside the lounge. attorneys are working on appeal. prosecutors in the john wagner case presented the scientific portion of their case yesterday. a thumb print found on the cellphone of the murder victim was that of his girlfriend. mara has already testified she and him killed the hopkins researcher. >> also new this morning, our person had to be airlifted overnight after a car and train
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crossed paths. this happened that kern road. it is unclear why it the car was on the track of the time. no word on the identity or condition of the dry year. -- driver. authorities arrested seven people including the club manager. bases marijuana's, ecstasy, mushrooms. -- if they confiscated marijuana, ecstasy, and mushrooms. >> barack obama will hold the world economic forum today as he continues his bus tour through the midwest. >> good morning. president obama will be back in front of those midwest voters again today, touting a new economic plan and tried to fend
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off his gop rivals. >> president obama is on a three-day swing in the midwest, giving back to the grassroots effort that helped put him in the white house. in minnesota monday he said he understands why americans are fed up. >> i am frustrated, too. we have to focus on growing this economy and putting people back to work in making sure the american dream is there, not just of this generation but for the next generation. >> today he will take part in a world economic forum in iowa. with unemployment stuck at just over 9%, the economy will no doubt be a key issue is next year's election. republican contenders are also trying to convince voters they are the one to fix it. mitt romney in new hampshire. >> i believe having spent my
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life in private-sector, that i understand what it takes to get business going again. >> rick perry on his first swing through iowa. 40% of all the jobs created in america from june until 2009 until the present were created in texas. i know how to create jobs. >> the straw poll winner kicks off her bus tour in washington today in south carolina. >> you mentioned the president will unveil for economic initiatives today. can you give us any detail on that? among the initiatives here, apparently giving rural businesses double the money over the course of five years. improving rural access to health care and also expanding job training and job services. obviously these initiatives designed to appeal to some of
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the communities he is visiting. >> think you. have a great day. it was in and to is out? -- who is out? at can kiceep up >> the idea is to tax people by the mile, rather than a gallon. oregon is investigating using gps navigation to figure out how state residents drive. this does bring up privacy concerns about the electronic tracking of drivers. that brings us to the water cooler question of the day, what is your opinion of the proposal that would tax drivers by the miles they drive? >> the time now is 6:07.
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>> plus, the search for a man terrorized with a teenager and austria brings investigators have to the u.s. how they were able to track down the suspect. >> how robbers tried to rush a convenience store. it is all caught on tape. we will have the latest on the search for suspects. >> i am here with dancing with a friend studio. we're talking about the dancing of the arts event going on. i will show you some awesome defense moves. you do not want to miss this. >> we're checking for delays. we will let you know if we found any on
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>> the morning. here is a live look outdoors. the temperature right now is 70 degrees. slightly cooler than where we started yesterday morning. i am here in charge though, maryland. we're at the dance studio. we're getting ready for the dancing for the arts fund raiser. this will be happening on saturday, the 24th. go to center for the hartford website. i am here talking with debbie and tom. they are the magic behind this whole event. they are helping to choreograph and teach these poor souls how
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to dance before september 24. tell us how it is preparing these people for this you have not had a lot of kids experience before. >> we have a little under three months. we give them each 20 hours of private instruction. they get about 20 hours, and then they have to put themselves out there and perform in the front of at least 200 people. >> what is the reaction from people who have done this for the first time? >> surprisingly they all end up loving it. usually in the beginning they are little apprehensive. we have an initial day that we get together to prove to everyone there is a little talent in everyone. we get them moving in thinking about which fans will fit each personality the best. >> to get as excited for this event, i am going to have to show was a little dancing move.
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>> let's do fox-trot. it has a little bit more spunk in it. something you can snap your fingers to. >> take it away. captioned by the national captioning institute [music] >> that looks great. i might just try that. i do not know if i can compete with that. right now too much showing up on the radar. there is a chance for showers as we go through the day.
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tony, you are next. >> no way. you are of next. next hour you were doing the waltz. stay tuned for that. we do have some showers bring to our north. let's take a look at the weather map to see what is going on. a big area of low pressure in new england. this has been bugging us for two days. and on the backside we have showers drifting down out of pennsylvania. some of them will cross over the mayor of one mind later this morning. we're still not quite far enough away from the storm to take the rain out of the forecast. beautiful sunrise going on at the present time. clouds on the other sign of the maryland state line. -- other side of the maryland state line. are really do not think it will be like the rain we have had the past couple of days. -- i really do not think it would be like the rain we have had the couple of past days 70
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in annapolis. 68 in cockeysville. 64 in part then. we should be and the low to mid '80s later this afternoon. we will start out with sunshine, and in the clouds will roll in. high temperatures between 81 and 86. i think it will become a breezy day as well. overnight tonight the storm will start to pull away finally. the skies will clear and temperatures will drop back. sunset at one minute after 8:00. tomorrow, a big area of high pressure takes control on the east coast. this system here will give us a chance for rain again on thursday. it will just be hit and miss. sunshine tomorrow and 86. 30% chance in for thursday. i will be optimistic right now and say dry going into the
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weekend. the next chance for rain after that will be laid in the day on sunday. that is a look at the seven-day forecast. >> good morning, everyone. nice start out there. not dealing with any delays of the moment. 61 at the northeast corner. making your way towards the harrisburg expressway. websites still checking in between 58 m.p.h. and 59 miles per hour. want to remind you of the construction. 57 miles per hour on southbound 95. so far, so good on the parkway. to go a live view of traffic. not a whole lot on the traffic. and so far, so good coming out of hartford county. the church built, but him.
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no proems to report. that is the latest on traffic falls 11. >> taking a look now as some of the top stories. a man is under arrest in kentuck -- in kentucky in connection with the bizarre case in australia. he is accused of breaking into an 18-year-old girl home in sydney and attaching a fake bomb to her neck and leaving a list of demands before livieaving. >> according spell since a dozen people to the hospital. -- a chlorine spill sent a dozen people to the hospital. >> a/mob from the german town convenience store. police say as many as three dozen people descended on the store at once, overwhelming the staff and taking whatever they
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wanted within a matter of seconds. police have identified for people so far. -- four people so far in the robbery. >> google is making another big splash in the mobile phone market. they are buying motorola mobility. executives say the move will give the system as serious bruise in the competitive smart phone market. just as students get ready to go back to school, amazon is or that.g an app f at the end of the semester, students will scan books again to trade in used books in return for a gift card. a financial lesson is learned back-to-school shopping and another government program. >> good morning.
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a government program aimed at helping more than 5 million homeowners is not working out as hoped. it is called for home affordable refinance programs. it was designed to allow homeowners who can usually not qualify for the loans to benefit for lower rates engineered by the federal reserve with hopes of stimulating the economy. the house -- the federal financing housing agencies as a and a thousand homeowners have arp.nanced through hear one reason is things are progressing on the least risk instead. traders getting a report on start. the latest quarterly numbers from wal-mart and home depot. is it big gains for stocks. -- yesterday, big gains for stocks. the lumber maryland index also
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on the rise. -- bloomberg maryland index also on the rise. and capital one found less than half of the teenagers they surveyed expect parents to serve mospend more than $100. capital one says this is a good time to help kids learn about money management concepts like budgeting. >> in this morning's woman's doctor, we heard about the promise of stem cells, but here is a technique where results are delivering. called alice th cells are met -- electronically manipulated to develop into
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bone. >> the college in sponge on to which some cells have been attached. -- collagen sponge on to which some cells have been attached. >> that is incredible. patients would benefit most are those who are missing a huge portion of bone, either from trauma, tumor infections, or failed surgery. >> 6:21. it's 67 degrees. coming up, construction delays but when things downtown. and-- slowing things downtown. >> take a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning. sarah caldwell check it on your morning commute. we are getting word of a water main break. use extra caution. we will keep you posted and when that reopens. in the meantime, watch for delays on conway between light and sharp. we have one lane blocked in each direction in advance of the grand prix. everything looking good on the motor roadways. 66 m.p.h. on the northeast coast.
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not tracking any delays on the 83 this morning. the rest of the major roadways continue to cooperate for us this morning. a live look outside. 50 at standing point. to and from the bay bridge are pretty clear ride. 95 coming out of hartford county. not a whole lot to complain about. that is the latest on traffic. >> so far, so good on this tuesday morning weather-wise. and i sunrise in progress. the clubs will start to pick it up over the next couple of hours. 70 degrees in frederick. a 30% chance and for rain shower. it will be breezy with a high temperature near 84 this afternoon. we will check the weekend forecast when we come back in just a few minutes. first, we will send it over to the man. >> joe jordan, scouting
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director. ehe birds get a big win on th field. delonk.ela pick obert andinos c put the orioles up for good. next up, they score 5-2 heading into the eighth pier yen jamal weeks with an easy five-ball to jordan jones. early june will be interesting to pull off.
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baseball milestone last night in detroit as the minnesota twins play the detroit tigers. 600 came off daniels letter of and the seventh inning. one of the night this is -- i ciskei's in the game. he is the eighth player. hank aaron, a bruise. sure buyer hall of famer. -- sure fire hall of famer. take of the time is now 6:27. -- >> the time is now 6:27. >> coming up, a candidate for mayor speaks out a about the
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grand prix. >> of montgomery county man will remain behind bars in a rebuff for now. why the judge granted the request for a stay behind
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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back. >> think you for joining us. every reprieve from the wet weather. -- a brief reprieve from the wet weather. >> a chance for a few showers to drift in from southern pennsylvania appeared at the further from baltimore you go, the better chance to see the showers. high near 84. we looked at the forecast for the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. >> a major break into the investigation into a series of break-ins were the suspects pose as baltimore city police officers. >> unfortunately police do not believe this latest arrest is connected to some of the other
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police impersonators. they have made an arrest, and that is some progress for police. >> police arrested this man friday. investigators said he was one of three men who pretended to be police officers. according to court records they shot at police as they entered the home. >> he was arrested as a result of a long-standing investigation that resulted in the eye witnesses publicly identifying him as a suspect. he was taken into custody and charged with attempted first- degree murder. >> according to police the crime was related. two or three men posing as police officers broke into a home in federal hill on july 1st. the tide of the victims,
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threaten them with a gun and stole money. a similar instance happened in garrison avenue on july it. he was the only suspect to be arrested. >> right now appears is being held without bond. reporting live downtown. >> a judge in aruba has ordered a montgomery county man to remain behind bars for another eight days as authorities investigate his possible role in his companions disappearance. he claims the last time he saw robin gardner of frederick was just before they got separated on the snorkeling trip. >> in this morning's commitment 2011 report, stephanie rawlings because put together quite a war chest as she approaches the home
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stretch of her campaign. the mayor has raised $805,000 in just the last eight months. challengers are expected to release their financial statements later today. >> the upcoming grand prix is turning into a bit of a campaign issue. they are accusing the mayor's office of exaggerating the financial impact on the event -- on the city. take a they are promising 400 jobs would approve that the jobs will be reproduced. they're saying it will provide us with $70 million in economic impacts. but yet again, no proof. take of the mayor's impact -- opposite not respond. >> new information this morning involving the death of zachary tim's. according to nbc news, an envelope containing white powder was found in the pants pocket. investigators say the power will
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be tested to see if it is a controlled substance. the house cleaning staff found his body on friday. police say they do not expect foul play. >> admittedly, when you cannot it is cause forte concern. a woman in colorado thought it was so upsetting that she felt the police needed to be involved. >> at a cluster of homes, a woman who does not want her name or face on camera said she noticed something was missing. >> i'd like to have a place for everything. the tv, which she says she rarely watches, which is where it should be, but this our companion, the remote control, was nowhere to be found. the woman called police. she told them she had been
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burglarized. they did confirm to us that they got her call and sent an officer to her home. although they did not find the remote but first, -- >> to this day the woman thinks someone else was in her home. says occur remote went missing once more, she would call police again. >> you just cannot be too careful anymore. -- she says if her remote went missing once more, she would call the police again. and >> that was classic. are you kidding me? tony loses his remote all the time. >> right now just a problem on
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rolling road. we are tracking the water main break. related closures. other than that, looking good. up to speed of the motor roadways. that included 97 traveling southbound. so far, so good as we get your life you of traffic. the areas of 95 just north of 100. definitely starting to look a little bit heavier as you make your way down towards the capital beltway. no official polite. thee're still talking about dancing for the arts gala. they will take local celebrities to do not have a lot of dancing experience and tear them up with
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professional dance partners. ith chuck boyle. took bore >> it has been awesome. really having a good time. and they do an outstanding job. they volunteered their time to put all this together. they are dancing for two or three months' teaching us in choreographing everything. i have found it to be a lot of fun. hopefully it will be a great production on september 24. >> your daughter danced in the competition last year, and i heard she did a fabulous job with a very hard day of spirited you wrote your dad into it this year. now you are his campaign manager. >> we have a couple of evens getting the word out to family and friends to go and vote for him. we have a fund-raiser at
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loonies and bellaire. it will donate a portion of the proceeds. we have ravens grapple where we are raffling off some tickets. people can contact me to purchase tickets. we're hoping to raise a lot of money. >> good luck. you could go to the center for the arts to vote. it is a dollar donation per boat. drier weather is ahead. it is coming tomorrow. 80's through the week. storms may return by thursday. more storms around for the weekend. that is the latest on whether. back to the dust. >-- to the desk. >> a mysterious creatures lurking in the woods of prince george's county. can you figure out what this
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>> is this something new all together roaming the woods of prince george's county? workers at a hospital for spotted the animal. they even managed to track it for a while so they could shoot video. and rather than allow us to examine it, they chose to release it back to the wild. they still have no clue what it is. >> what do you think that is? i have not the faintest idea. >> we are talking about the field of dreams in iowa. it is the famous field used in
6:42 am
the kevin costner movie. the owners want to sell it. they put it on the market more than a year go for $5.4 million. if you have the cash, you get a 193 acre property. thousands of tourists want to play ball every year. >> a bit of a steep price. should lower they price a little bit. >> we will also take a look at your morning commute. water main break-related closures. we will check for delays around the area. >> so far, so good weather-wise. a little rain in the forecast. right now it is beautiful. s
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welcome back >>. a judge will sentence of baltimore city police officer convicted in the shooting death of a man outside a mount vernon nightclub. a judge found him guilty of manslaughter. he said he was defending himself and a female friend during an altercation outside the lounge. his attorneys are working on appeal. the department of public works has been working overnight in repairing to water main breaks. the first was an your security boulevard. the sec and the 7200 block of the road. alternative to taxing gas at the pump is doing road rage. the idea is to tax people by the model, rather than the gallon. oregon is considering new paek
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-- using gps navigation to figure out how far residents drive. the proposal does bring up some privacy concerns about the electronic tracking of drivers travel. that brings us to the question of the day. this morning we ask, what is your opinion of the proposal that would tax drivers by the mile. >> the current system is more effective as it rewards hybrid owners and short commuters alike. take michael writes how would they go about doing this? -- >> michael rights, how would they go about doing this? arage one a montce ance a mont month? we will pose more of your answers on our website at
6:47 am five were last look at our big story this morning. >> there have been a rash of break-ins, but unfortunately police believe none of the cases are related, and they are not related to the latest arrests, which happened on friday. police are still looking for several suspects, but it did arrest one of three people who pretended to be a police officer and allegedly kicked in the door of a house on northeast baltimore. it happened on june 22. according to court records pierce shot up police as they entered the victim's home. the is now charged with attempted first-degree murder. police believe in this instance both the suspect and victim knew
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each other. >> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. take a tracking an accident. what for delays as to make your way down towards the beltway. meantime, rolling road remains close between security boulevard i. 56 miles per hour on the outer loop. so far, so good on the west side. problem-free on the rest of the roadways leading up to the beltway. we will start in the area of 95, just north of 100. north and southbound traffic getting heavier by the man as you make your way towards the capital beltway.
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not tracking any delays yet in towards the beltway. that is the latest on traffic. now we want to get the latest in hartford county. >> if we have some time, i may dance at the end of the segment. we are getting excited for you. and i am here with the executive director. people can get to center for the arts to buy tickets to vote, donate come and find a fund- raising event. >> we would especially like to think hartford mutual company. they have been with us for many years. here we go. ank alld also like to thin of our celebrity dancers. chuck boyle, phil logan, marge
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pierce, jean umbarger,a , and debbie williams. also, our honorary co-chairs, for returning the answers from last year. in f tony is next. i think i have some practice for my wedding. you're definitely signed up for making give this morning. now let's get a look at the radar. mostly clear skies across the area. still a chance for some wet weather today. that is something tony will talk about coming up here ye. >> thank you. let's hear it for ava. [applause]
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she did the waltz. i think it is the waltz. is it the waltz? [laughter] >> it is the two-step. >> that was a nice way to say it. that stock of what is happening weather-wise. a big storm on the way from the northeast. almost like a nor'easter. on the backside of this we still have some leftover showers that are drifting down from southern pennsylvania. we just cannot shake the storm system. we could see a couple of showers pop up over the next few hours. we will get through the beginning of the drive time ok, but then showers will drift in from pennsylvania. the crowds are running out ahead of it as well. all we have sunshine at the present time, look for the cuts to come in from north to south. not very windy right now. and those winds should kick up to 20 are 25.
6:52 am
>> 70 in annapolis right now. we should be able to sneak into the low to mid '80s later on this afternoon. start out with sunshine very early this morning. 30% chance for rain showers. in most of you will not see the rain. the best chance being north of baltimore. a high temperature between 81 in '86. high pressure control of the east coast. my sunshine on wednesday. that storm will give us a chance for a couple of scattered thunderstorms on thursday. 86. 30% chance for thunderstorms on thursday. i will be optimistic for the weekend. the next chance for rain should hold off until sunday afternoon.
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back to the news desk. >> time for a look at what is coming up next. >> good morning. president obama heads to the next up on his midwest tour. what will it take for the president to regain momentum with voters in 2012? we will talk to one of his top campaign advisers. also ahead, the suspect in the disappearance of a maryland woman in a rebuff appears in court. plus, an arrest in kentucky tied to our recent bizarre incident in australia where a fake bomb was strapped to a teenager's neck. more on that. we will meet the three-year-old creature who wows people every time he takes to the pulpit. all that and more when we get started on a tuesday morning right here on "today." >> still ahead, one that the the
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weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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>> we are talking about dancing here. and >> not a whole lot on the roadways in terms of problems. this is thought to the south. this is southbound 83. not too much going on there. other than that, looking good. up to speed on the major roadways so far this morning. a live view of the harrisburg expressway just north of the beltway.
6:57 am
this is just past the accident scene. just prior to that you may have to break. it really not causing too much of a delay of the moment. >> heavy downpours yesterday. this morning smooth sailing so far. could be a couple of showers popping up. high of 84. such an tomorrow and 80. you were talking about when a dancing, you have to stay in the box. unless you are break dancing. >> tony as a whole different concept of the box. >> do not forget when you turn -- it into your car to tune into wbal radio. >> think you for joining us. -- thank you for joining us.
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